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Group Activity Packages Schools, Camps & Church Groups Non profit groups

Are you looking for fun things to do with a group of up to 75 people? Gateway Park is your best choice for a great time! Let us handle the all details so you can focus on having fun!


Whether your company is looking for a day of fun that, your company, church or community organization wants to celebrate, Gateway Park is the perfect place!

Great Activity Packages at Great Prices!

Ultimate Fun Package—$24.00 per personGo Kart Sun

2 Go-Kart Rides
30 Arcade tokens
One Maze Run
18 Holes Mini Golf

Gateway Fun Package—$14.50 per person

18 Holes Mini Golf
30 Arcade tokens
One Maze Run

Build Your Own Package—$6.50 per activity (minimum of two)

Don’t Know What Your Group Wants? Let them Decide! Each person chooses their own activities to maximize their fun at the Park! Includes Go-Karts, Batting Cages (60 pitches), Mini Golf, Driving Range, or Arcade (20 tokens ) Save when you buy more! Four or more Activities purchased with this package = $6.00 per activity.

Extra Attractions

Want to add an attraction or two?  Purchase an activity package and get a discount on extra attractions:

◊ Go Karts (single or double) – $7.00 per ride

◊ Kiddie Karts – $5.00 per ride

◊ 18 holes of mini golf – $7.00

◊ Batting Cage = $1.00 for 20 pitches

◊ Additional Run through the Human Maze – $2.00

◊ 100 arcade tokens = $20.00

Customize Your Package

We know that each event is special and every group has specific requests, budgets and desires. Call Gateway Park and we will help you design the perfect package that will make EVERY member of your group have the best time ever!