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Looking for something to do that is different for your new employee orientation?  Maybe it’s time to celebrate a great quarter, or perhaps generate some excitement for a product or brand launch, whatever the reason, Gateway Park offers fun and interactive team building for your company! Our team building activities expand on the fun environment that Gateway Park provides. Add one or two team building activities for a structured group experience, then turn everyone loose to have fun on their own and you have created a unique and special day that sparks creative energy and builds camaraderie.

Go Kart SunGo Kart Trials – $10.00 per person

Each team member gets into a go kart and is given a full cup of water
Keeping the cup of water in their hand at all times, each team member is required to do one lap around the go kart track, keeping as much water in the cup as possible
At the end of the lap, each team member empties the cup of water into a pitcher. The team that completes their lap with the most water wins the Go-Kart Trials
Minimum 8 people, maximum 50 people – weekdays only

The “a-MAZE-ing” Race – $8.00 per personMaze Sun

Each team begins and ends at the same point
With a group start, the teams enter the human maze, find the letters “M”, “A”, “Z”, and “E”
The team that enters, finds the letters and gets back out in the least amount of time wins the maze team building

ClubsMini Golf tournament – $10.00 per person

Each person is placed on a team
Each team plays 18 holes of mini golf
When finished, Gateway Park Staff will add up each team’s score card
Team with lowest overall score wins the golf tournament

Customize Your Package

We know that each event is special and every group has specific requests, budgets and desires. Call or email Gateway Park and we will help you design the perfect package that will make EVERY member of your group have the best time ever!